Uptown Oscillators is off & running!

Added Arturia Beatstep Pro MIDI Controller & Sequencer to Korg Minilogue & Roland TR-8

Still not quite at the beginning of my hardware/software vision for Uptown Oscillators Gear, but adding the Arturia Beatstep Pro recently made everything much more usable.

The Beatstep Pro is actually 3 sequencers, 2 melodic and 1 drum. Yes, the Korg Minilogue synthesizer has a sequencer but it is rather limited and not nearly as easy to program, especially on the fly, which the Beatstep Pro excels at.

The Beatstep Pro has 64 steps per sequence, 16 sequences per project, and 16 projects. The drum sequencer has 16 tracks for up to 16 separate drums. Additionally it can control the timing and start/stop of numerous other synths, midi devices, super useful.

The Roland TR-8 drum machine also has a sequencer which is maybe a little better. Eventually I will place it in timing and start/stop control only, and add a 2nd more digital drum machine.

Neither the Korg or the Roland sequencer really sequences other equipment well. Yes they make for some interesting one of a kind sounds and it’s useful for a temporary patched in situation but not as a master controller. The Beatstep Pro has other functions like transpose, well see the specs in the link above for greater details. Or even better, leave me a message in the Facebook group.


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