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Moog Subsequent 37 joins Dave Smith Pro 2

These powerful mono/paraphonic synthesizers pair extremely well together in my opinion for electronic industrial music

I did post this great news (for me) on Facebook last week, then I went on vacation. Now, after making sequences on the Moog Subsequent 37 in my restless dreams all night, I figured I better wake up, drink coffee and catch up this web site (and some others I admin) to move to a less groggy state and get to making those sequences!

Sometimes, sleep is a noble aspiration, but it’s just not going to happen, so you might as well get up and do something, ha!

First thoughts

Anyhoo, I have had little time to play around with the Moog since I received it last week from Sweetwater, but I will say I really like it. It definitely has that Moog sound and I quickly became enamored of the filter.

In a choose one scenario, I thought the Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 would win hands down but it’s not that simple. I would say Moog would be well advised to copy DSI’s LCD menu system and sequencer. I also think CV outs should be a standard feature. Initially in the decision process, I did flip back and forth between the Subsequent 37 and Subsequent 37 CV models, but in the end I didn’t get the CV because I can do what minimally I might need to do with the Pro 2.

Ultimately, in a fire escape run for my life, I’d have to grab both of them.

I gifted my Korg Minilogue (see Possibly final thoughts on the Korg Minilogue and a forward foundation post) to my grandchildren, whom I think it will be a great all around synth for, as it was for me. I also gave them my Roland TR-8, switching temporarily to Ableton Drum Rack. Seeding new generations, you have to do it!


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