909 Day ethics in business discussion, original drum machine Roland TR-909 vs clone Behringer RD-909

Does Behringer go too far? Should a spiritually observant or conscious person or company buy, own or sell these copies?

Today is 909 Day, for the legendary status of the Roland TR-909 Rhythm Composer. This weekend at the Knobcon Number Seven synthesizer convention Behringer was displaying their anticipated TR-909 clone, the RD-909 Rhythm Designer, as well as the RD-808 Rhythm Designer, a clone of another iconic Roland drum machine, the TR-808.

This is a serious spiritual guidance question. Please don’t just read this post and move on. Don’t lurk and ignore. Participate in a discussion on the Facebook group post for this blog post:


Maybe I’m overthinking this or imagining impossible decisions in a polluted world. If so tell me. My gut reaction says Behringer goes too far. I have nothing against copying the sound results or basic features. I would think you can’t copyright sound. But if the circuitry design is copied… and the name and physical layout are obvious intentional copies. People will buy this because it is a copy of an iconic machine that still has current derivatives at a lower price.

Does money override ethics?

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