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A Musician Supportive Sober Home

My home

I started to think about a Facebook group I am a member of, Sobriety and Synthesizers and how fortunate I am to live in a musician supportive sober home.

As I mentioned in another post, Drugs, Synthesizers, Drum Machines and Jesus Christ, I have been drug sober 12 years, and the last nearly 3 years living in an intentional community that resides mainly in a 10 story former hotel in the Uptown Chicago neighborhood. There are also a number of adjunct buildings including an auditorium and a homeless shelter. I included a video about the general non-musical setup near the end of this post, in case you are curious.

I think my home has about 5 sizable places for concerts, from basement to auditorium. Often people gather in one of the many living rooms for group playing/singing, as well as are even likely to plunk down in a hallway for an impromptu acoustic jam. I spend most of my music time in my room listening to my gear on headphones, but if I chose to take it up a notch, there are all those places for concerts, areas for practices, plus a recording studio and music company.

The first 9 years of my sobriety were rough, I really did feel like I was living a day at time or less. Sometimes it was minute by minute torturous, boring and chaotic.

The last 3 years, different story. No longer do I feel like I am living a day at a time. I know I am, but I doesn’t feel that way. I owe much of that to living in a musician supportive sober home.

Musicians face difficult choices

Occasionally I think how rough it must be for others and especially musicians in non-sober environments.

I’ve known some professional musicians who have had some incredibly hard times trying to maintain sobriety. I’m imagining the lone one in the group, continually thrust into a party atmosphere, or who knows what…

Most sober living places I know of are frankly, perhaps initially useful and life-saving, but long term fairly undesirable. I’m grateful and blessed to have an alternative choice.

The main reason I blog is to encourage discussion and mutually share experience, success and failure.

I hope on shares of this post, you’ll share your challenges and successes, whether you have seen any other musician supportive sober homes of any size or configuration out there, etc.

Invitation to visit

People from all over the world visit my home. Couch surfers to extended stay (sorry no actual couches, just standard guest rooms) If you’re on tour or a bedroom producer and need a sober place to stay in Chicago for one day, a few days or an extended visit, if you are traveling for any reason, doing the tourist thing or considering a new chapter in life, don’t hesitate to holler at me.


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