Sequential DSI Pro 2 officially discontinued

Widely known as one of the best mono/para synths, the Pro 2 may have been underappreciated in the market but its fans know it will be a very hard act to follow

After I first reported the rumor of the Pro 2’s demise 6 days ago in the Uptown Oscillators Facebook Group, after 5 years on the market, Sequential announced today, Friday, May 17, 2019 that the Pro 2 is officially discontinued. Could there be a Pro 3 in the works? Or a similarly priced poly with all the Pro 2’s functionality and even more voices? Sequential said at NAMM 2019 to keep your eyes open this summer. Hopefully there is a worthy successor, it would be extremely disappointing if one of those options didn’t replace the Pro 2, which is unique and unmatched by competition. And a Rev2 isn’t gonna do it, no offense to Rev2s, it’s just a different critter… We’ll see… For now if you have a Pro 2, keep it. If you don’t, get one. They can only become more valuable as supply becomes constrained.

I own one of these and I can vouch for the Pro 2. They are fantastic synths.


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