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Sequential DSI Pro 2 gets all new wood ends + front strip

A great support experience and better than new wood

One day I was being lazy, and I leaned my bicycle up against my synths and wouldn’t you know it, somehow I scratched the front strip of my beloved Sequential DSI Pro 2 synthesizer. Yeah, I know it was a fairly insignificant scratch but it just bugged me, so I decided to order replacement parts from Sequential. I ordered the end pieces too, just to be sure the wood stain/finish all matched since I was already going full on OCD, ha! I’m glad I did too, because the replacements looked a lot better than the originals. Darker and a little more sheen to them. Anyhoo, it was a great support experience from Mark Kono at Sequential Support. $75 total including freight for the left+right end pieces and the front strip (including Pro 2 badge) and now, better than new.

The wood ends are a snap to replace, but the front strip is a tad more complicated – fortunately Mark gave me instructions, which follows these images of my parts replacement.

Note: This would be essentially the same procedure to replace the keybed.

Sequential instructions:

You’ll need to remove the keybed as there are screws holding the front wood strip from the bottom of the keyboard as well as from the inside (you’ll see them under the lip of the front once the keybed is removed).

Removing and/or replacing the keybed on the Pro 2 is a relatively simple process involving nothing more than a screwdriver. Here are instructions for replacing the keybed:

To start, unplug all power/audio/MIDI/USB cables.

  1. Unscrew the two screws in each of the wooden sides.
  2. Once the wooden sides are removed, 3 additional screws on the left and 2 additional screws on the right side will be revealed. Remove these as well.
  3. Next, lay down some padding like a towel or a pillow and flip the Pro 2 over. Remove the 2 black screws to the right of the left front rubber foot. They are smaller than the other black screws, they have no flanges, and will be slightly lower than the foot, not directly inline.
  4. Flip the Pro 2 back over and with it facing you place your hands on the sides, on top half of the metalwork, and lift up and away from you. The lid will hinge open and stay open resting on the attached lanyard. You will be looking at the main board in the tray above the keybed.
  5. Remove the 2-wire aftertouch connector from the main board, it is located in the lower left corner. Pull straight up on the connector, DO NOT pull the wires themselves.
  6. Remove the keybed’s ribbon connector, it is located in the lower right of the main board. There are locking tabs holding the ribbon cable in but they are easily opened by prying the tabs away from each other in a horizontal motion with your thumbs or fingers; the cable will just pop out. Only medium force is required.
    • When reinstalling the ribbon with the tabs open, just push the connector straight down and the tabs will close behind it. Push the tabs together to make sure the cable is firmly seated.
  7. With the two connectors detached, close the lid and flip the unit over, face down, and rest the keys on a soft surface.
  8. Remove the 10 screws holding the keybed in from the bottom of the Pro 2. The screws are aligned in 2 horizontal rows of 5 black screws each, located just above the lower rubber feet. The keybed is now detached. Hold the keybed in place and flip the unit back over. The keybed can now be removed.
  9. Reassemble the Pro 2 in the reverse order.

IMPORTANT: The keybed standoffs are plastic. To avoid over-tightening and stripping standoffs when installing the keybed, DO NOT use an electric or powered screwdriver.


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Latest Behringer RD-8 Drum Machine Shipping News

The Behringer carrot and stick continues

1st UPDATE: 8/9/2019 – This post
2nd UPDATE: 8/9/2019 – Behringer now says European retailer Thomann is air-freighting in first batch of RD-8s and should be on their site soon. See new photos.
3rd UPDATE: 8/16/2019 – Widely available for preorder including at my fav – Sweetwater. Thomann site says “In stock within 6-7 weeks”.

Back in the middle of May, Behringer said the RD-8 would be shipping by the end of May and at retailers 6-8 weeks later. In other words by the end of last month, July. Didn’t work out that way. Little surprise since no retailers were allowing preorders. Preorders are the first level of confirmation in my book.

Yesterday, 808 Day, they said “The w8 is over” and released 2 photos, slightly cropped versions of which you see here.

We shall see. I’ll believe it when I see it on Sweetwater.

For the latest product details as they get updated:


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