Latest Behringer RD-8 Drum Machine Shipping News

The Behringer carrot and stick continues

1st UPDATE: 8/9/2019 – This post
2nd UPDATE: 8/9/2019 – Behringer now says European retailer Thomann is air-freighting in first batch of RD-8s and should be on their site soon. See new photos.
3rd UPDATE: 8/16/2019 – Widely available for preorder including at my fav – Sweetwater. Thomann site says “In stock within 6-7 weeks”.

Back in the middle of May, Behringer said the RD-8 would be shipping by the end of May and at retailers 6-8 weeks later. In other words by the end of last month, July. Didn’t work out that way. Little surprise since no retailers were allowing preorders. Preorders are the first level of confirmation in my book.

Yesterday, 808 Day, they said “The w8 is over” and released 2 photos, slightly cropped versions of which you see here.

We shall see. I’ll believe it when I see it on Sweetwater.

For the latest product details as they get updated:


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