Behringer Rhythm Designer RD-8

Behringer RD-8 (formerly RD-808) enhanced clone of iconic Roland TR-808 drum machine finally available & in stock


1st UPDATE: 8/9/2019 – See new post Latest Behringer RD-8 Drum Machine Shipping News.
2nd UPDATE: 8/9/2019 – Behringer now says European retailer Thomann is air-freighting in first batch of RD-8s and should be on their site soon.
3rd UPDATE: 8/16/2019 – Widely available for preorder including at my fav – Sweetwater. Thomann site says “In stock within 6-7 weeks”.
4th UPDATE: 10/19/2019 – Still no US inventory. Firmware update v1.2.6 was released a couple weeks ago in case you didn’t know.

Wow, this product rollout has been brutal. I don’t care what anyone says, it is not a positive. Behringer has a real abusive marketing strategy. Advance notice is not worth all the carrot dangling and product teasing. If this is how you like your relationships, seek therapy is my advice. Over now apparently, people are receiving their ordered RD-8s from Europe, see videos below. We’ll see how firmware updates go. I’m still gonna hold out a few weeks or months.

I have left out some product comparison videos from the RD-8 video list below. Not all videos I have seen are being straight up with you, making no attempt to adjust the drum machines to similar states. This is a fact. The likelihood is that the RD-8 is a great sounding drum machine, it doesn’t need dishonest comparisons, but this is what we get sometimes. This puts Behringer in a bad light in my opinion, not a better one. The ones I have added are reasonably honest comparisons.

I think it is important to note, if you are looking for a drum machine to finger drum live, this is not your drum machine. With one pad, it can be done but awkwardly with a lot of button pushing. On the other hand, you could add a MIDI controller to improve that function.


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Manufacturer Specifications: click to open/close or jump to comments

  • Amazing drum machine with authentic analog sound engine to create the classic sound performance
  • 16 original drum sounds with additional parameters and global Accent capability
  • Modern and versatile workflow provides enhanced playability, enabling you to create captivating live performances
  • Powerful 64-step drum sequencer supports poly-meter, step-repeat, note-repeat, real-time triggering, track-mute and track-solo
  • Integrated FX bus features Wave Designer and dual-mode Analog Filter with per voice assignment
  • Live recording, editing and playback of Analog Filter cutoff via automation
  • Storage of up to 16 songs and 256 patterns, all of which can be imported/exported during playback for unlimited songs and patterns
  • Pattern Mode allows arrangement of patterns into full songs and setting number of repeats per song part
  • Song Mode allows chaining songs together for live sets and expanded compositions
  • Unique Auto Scroll feature enables improvisation in all modes
  • Comprehensive MIDI In/Out/Thru and USB implementation for synchronization and connection to external devices
  • Sync options include USB, MIDI, Clock and Internal for maximum versatility
  • 11 independent analog outputs for external processing or recording your rhythms as multi-track audio
  • Powerful headphone and main outputs on 1/4″ connectors
  • High-visibility LED display makes it easy to verify program parameters
  • Robust encoder for editing parameters such as Tempo, Swing, Probability, Flam and Random
  • 16 vintage-style step buttons with bold LED indicators for easy pattern creation
  • 3-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in the U.K.