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Uptown Oscillators will focus on larger community

My synthesizer pile with new additions of a Yamaha mixer and a Dave Smith Pro 2 that I will write more about later

The word ‘Community’ can mean many things

Most often when I use the word, it requires more definition.

Usually in my everyday life, when I say the word ‘community’, I mean where I live.

I live in a Christian intentional community or a Jesus Commune called Jesus People USA. Also known as JPUSA, it is a very musical place. Known to some as the birth place of Christian rock music, and the hosts of the Cornerstone Music Festival which 5 years ago transitioned to smaller local Uptown Chicago Music events.

Not only in local music, JPUSA is also active in the Uptown Chicago community with the homeless and poor. Some of us are also active as individuals in Uptown Chicago community politics.

Uptown Chicago is also ‘community’.

You can see many JPUSA and Uptown ministry, music, social media and personal website links in the footer of the Uptown Oscillators website below.

‘Larger Community’ in the headline means JPUSA, Uptown AND the entire Music World

Make no mistake about it, I’m trying to encourage more friendship and collaboration in all the ‘communities’. Electronic as well as acoustic music.

OK that settles that! Please, no matter where you live, no matter what your musical instruments or tastes in music are, no matter what your faith is, even none, please join us in the Uptown Oscillators music community, especially join our Facebook group listed below.

Add your friends, the more the merrier!

Feel free to share your music, gear and questions. Uptown Oscillators is a community site, not just mine.


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