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Added Moog Grandmother + One to Synth Gear Section

The Moog Grandmother – as always, will update videos and info as becomes available:

The Moog One – as always, will update videos and info as becomes available:

The Grandmother, Moog’s entry level keyboard semi-modular has proven to be quite popular, As I write this, currently #3 on Sweetwater’s most popular synthesizer list. The One, Moog’s polyphonic flagship, of course is more of a quality not quantity item due to its features and price.


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OMG!!! Can you believe a 16 voice Moog One is $3000 more than a $4995 Monophonic Moog Voyager XL?

SHOCK! Per oscillator cost drops from $1665 for the Moog Voyager XL to less than $167 for the Moog One 16 voice

I’ll be the first to admit, I will probably not be able to afford the Moog One in the foreseeable future. I’m planning on picking up a poly next year, G-d willing. I’m currently looking at the Sequential Prophet X and the Waldorf Quantum, both in the $4k range. Even purchasing one of those synths will be a disciplined experience for me, but bar unforeseen changes or wishes, I’ll get there next year.

I would have been thrilled if Moog had decided to price the 16 voice in the $4k range to join my deliberations, BUT I am not surprised nor am I offended or delusional. Among my current gear, I have a Moog Subsequent 37 and a Dave Smith Pro 2. I am blessed to be able to afford gear of this caliber sometimes.

Moog owns their mojo, gained from years of business. For much of the world, Moog is synonymous with synthesizer. It would be silly to expect them not to capitalize on it.

It would be a lot easier to have rational discussions about a wide range of synthesizers in the Facebook synth groups if there wasn’t a subset of Behringer users interfering with every single post. Don’t get me wrong, I have been known to buy Behringer products on occasion. If it was all I could afford for everything else, I’d be right there. But I would know it is what it is. I would not have to delude myself and annoy everyone else that there is no difference between Behringer and higher end products or that there is no value to R&D budgets and original designs…

There is no mature reason to not be respectful of others like some Behringer users are. Everyone has their own path and resource/needs matrix. Some Behringer users need to grow up and grasp that not every post or synth is about them.


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Moog Subsequent 37 joins Dave Smith Pro 2

These powerful mono/paraphonic synthesizers pair extremely well together in my opinion for electronic industrial music

I did post this great news (for me) on Facebook last week, then I went on vacation. Now, after making sequences on the Moog Subsequent 37 in my restless dreams all night, I figured I better wake up, drink coffee and catch up this web site (and some others I admin) to move to a less groggy state and get to making those sequences!

Sometimes, sleep is a noble aspiration, but it’s just not going to happen, so you might as well get up and do something, ha!

First thoughts

Anyhoo, I have had little time to play around with the Moog since I received it last week from Sweetwater, but I will say I really like it. It definitely has that Moog sound and I quickly became enamored of the filter.

In a choose one scenario, I thought the Dave Smith Instruments Pro 2 would win hands down but it’s not that simple. I would say Moog would be well advised to copy DSI’s LCD menu system and sequencer. I also think CV outs should be a standard feature. Initially in the decision process, I did flip back and forth between the Subsequent 37 and Subsequent 37 CV models, but in the end I didn’t get the CV because I can do what minimally I might need to do with the Pro 2.

Ultimately, in a fire escape run for my life, I’d have to grab both of them.

I gifted my Korg Minilogue (see Possibly final thoughts on the Korg Minilogue and a forward foundation post) to my grandchildren, whom I think it will be a great all around synth for, as it was for me. I also gave them my Roland TR-8, switching temporarily to Ableton Drum Rack. Seeding new generations, you have to do it!


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