Waldorf Kyra

128-voice, 10-oscillator virtual analogue synthesizer

As video demos are beginning to improve, I’m starting to get a feel the Waldorf Kyra is capable of some wonderful stuff, way more than just great fat chords. Beginning to improve, still no real deep demos out there…

Don’t quote me, the only price estimate I could find was near $2000 for the desktop model. A keyboard model of undetermined specifications is supposed to follow later. I believe the desktop model should release in summer of 2019, we’ll see.


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Strongly recommended that you download the newest OS, unless you hate bug fixes, stability and new features.

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Manufacturer Specifications: click to open/close or jump to comments

Specifications (preliminary):

  • 128 voice polyphony (regardless of settings and effects), each with 10 oscillators per voice;
  • eight-part multitimbrality (with each part having its own dedicated nine-module effects unit).
  • state-of-the-art audio quality: think 32x oversampled hardware with dual wavetables providing over 4,000 waveshapes;
  • true stereo operation, hard sync, FM (Frequency Modulation), and ring modulation;
  • oversampled emulations of classic analogue ladder filters, with 2- and 4-pole configurations;
  • two filters can be used in Dual Voice mode, making for even more creative options;
  • three envelope generators;
  • three stereo LFOs (Low Frequency Oscillators) with 64 shapes and MIDI (Musical Instrument Digital Interface) clock sync;
  • an arpeggiator;
  • full keyboard microtuning;
  • true polyphonic portamento; and
  • a comprehensive 18-channel modulation matrix.
  • Effects
    • each of its eight parts featuring a three-band EQ with sweepable mid
    • dual tube limiters
    • formant filter
    • distortion
    • six-stage phaser
    • stereo digital delay
    • comb/flanger/chorus/doubler unit
    • programmable reverb
    • All effects units on all parts can be used simultaneously and run at Kyra’s native 96kHz sample rate.
  • Connectivity
    • four assignable, balanced 32-bit/96kHz stereo outputs
    • a headphone output
    • low-latency DIN MIDI
    • fully class-compliant USB2 implementation for MIDI
    • stereo 24-bit/96kHz audio stream for each of its eight parts.
    • USB (Universal Serial Bus) audio return feature, so Kyra can render final DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) audio under ASIO (Audio Stream Input/Output)