Zeppelin Design Labs Altura MIDI Theremin

Transmits MIDI data to your synthesizer to control pitch, volume, velocity, bend, modulation, portamento, and more

These are pretty cool. Disclaimer: I’m part of an organization related to Zeppelin Design Labs, but I still think most people would have a lot of fun with one of these.

Like most of Zeppelin Design Labs products, these are available in kit or fully assembled versions. If you enjoy tinkering with code, the Altura code was written in the Arduino 1.8 environment and is available open-source on their GitHub page, link is further down this page.


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  • Right Sensor – MIDI Pitch (Note On/Off)
    • Octave Select – set 1 to 8 octaves, ascending or descending
    • Key Select
    • Scale Select – choose from 12 different modes
  • Left Sensor – Send Control Change
    • Pitch Bend
    • Modulation
    • Velocity
    • Channel Volume
    • Portamento Time
    • Data value is adjustable to any range from 0-127, ascending or descending
  • X-Y Mode: Both left and right sensors send Control Change data, any value, any two controllers
  • Channel Select
  • Articulation (responsiveness) adjust
  • 9V DC Power Input — wall wart or battery
  • MIDI Out
  • Power On indicator
  • 3-digit display
  • ISP Header


The Altura MIDI Theremin open-source software is covered by the Creative Commons Share Alike / Attribution / Non-Commercial License. The Altura code was written in the Arduino 1.8 environment and is available open-source on our Github page.  Arduino enthusiasts can modify the code and flash it to the Altura using a programmer.  Find detailed instructions in the README.md file on Github.